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We are not currently accepting new patients. If you want an appointment with a Nutritionist, to order supplements or laboratory tests please contact Margret Moss on Tel: 0161 432 0964 email: Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note consultations are by appointment only. We do not deliver emergency or out-of-hours cover nor do we offer home or hostpital visits.

1. Your consultation

During your first contact with Simon you will be added to our patient database and given an appointment for your initial consultation. Consultations with Simon can be in person at the clinic, by telephone or if necessary via post or email. In person or over the phone your consultation will last no longer than an hour during which time Simon will discuss your health issues, take a personal and perhaps family medical history and some information about your diet and lifestyle. You will be given a diagnostic questionaire to complete and return and from this Simon will produce your designer nutrition programme consisting of dietry, lifestyle and supplement recommendations and any tests required which will be posted or emailed to you within 7-10 days.

A telephone consultation is the same service as an in person appointment which like postal and email consultations is offered to those who are unable to attend locally.When you book a telephone consultation with Simon you will be given a specific appointment time to ring on 0161 226 2132. If you cannot keep the appointment we ask that you contact Simon so your slot can be offered to somebody else. Telephone, Postal and Email consultations will receive both a patient induction form and questionaire to complete and return either electronically or snail mail.In all cases you will be asked to complete and return the initial diagnostic questionaire from which Simon will produce your personal programme.

Simon will usually recommend a follow up consultation in 4 weeks to discuss your progress and re-evaluate the programme if necessary. However if you are having tests done the results will be sent to Simon and you are advised to book a follow-up consultation to discuss the findings and any changes to your programme. In between your consultations you may need to speak to Simon to discuss any concerns or difficulties your may be experiencing. Simon will be available to discuss your programme on most weekday afternoons on 0161 226 2132 or alternatively through email at

In addition to dietary recommendations it is likely Simon will suggest the use of supplementary natural substances. It is very important to take the specific supplements recommended to you paying careful attention to the dosages and dosing intervals given on your programme. You can obtain all your supplements directly through the clinic which will be tried and tested for effectiveness in your particular condition from our handpicked suppliers. Alternatively you may obtain most of what you need from the local health food store although we cannot guarantee that all recommended treatments will be available in the high street. Simon may also recommend that certain biochemical tests be undertaken in order to identify any deficiencies, allergies or other weaknesses in the body. These may require blood, urine, sweat, stool or hair samples. Many of these tests can be conducted in the privacy of your own home while others will need to be performed by Simon. All test results will be sent to our office and you will need to arrange a follow up consultation to discuss the results. In many cases as little as 2 consultations are required to assess the patient and produce a dietry programme to follow. In other less clear cut cases biochemical tests may be required and follow up appointments scheduled.

2. Apply by Online Consultation
1. Patient Medical History     2. Medical Questionnaire
Please fill in both these files, save file to desktop, attach to email and send to or print and send to address. NOTE: Please only fill in the Medical Questionaire if you are coming to see me

3.Pay for your consultation

Please note we cannot process your online consultation until we have received both consultation forms and your payment

For those in Full time Employment The charges for in-person, telephone, postal and email consultations are the same: Initial consultation £70.00 Follow up Consultation £35.00. The cost of tests and supplements however must be financed by the patient.

(b) The following methods of payment are accepted:

(i) Cheques (UK only) should be made payable to the Simon Clinic and posted to address
(ii) Wire Transfer (overseas and domestic clients) should be made to our bank account:
Bank Name and Address: Barclays Bank Plc, Manchester City Office, P.O. Box 357, Mosley Street, Manchester M60 2AU.
Account Name: The Simon Clinic
Account Number: 20709549
Sort Code: 20-55-34
(iii) Credit and Debit Card payments (coming soon)

4. Leave your health worries with the experts

The information you have supplied will now be meticulously studied and clinically cross-referenced to ascertain the nutritional and biochemical causes of your symptoms. Your Personal Consultation Report consisiting of Dietary and Lifestyle changes, Indicated Supplementary medicines and required Laboratory tests will be emailed to you within 10 working days.

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