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The Simon Clinic specializes in the nutritional treatment of all forms of psychiatric illness. We use functional medicine which teaches that an interplay of dietry substances and individual genetics determines overall brain biochemistry and that this declines significantly before mental illness strikes. This state of biochemical impairment can materialize over many years and last for much longer producing a chronic low-level state of psychiatric illness that may never develop into a disease that our doctors can detect or treat.

The concept of one cause and one treatment for each disease is now outdated scientific studies show that most psychiatric illnesses originate from several biochemical weaknesses or metabolic "breaks" and there is a great deal of overlap between conditions. For instance we know that there are several types of schizophrenia each consisting of common biochemical weaknesses which dominate each person differently and respond to aggressive nutritional intervention. The Simon Clinic then is very interested in exploring the relationship between what you eat and how you feel.

The Simon Clinic is dedicated to educating the public, practitioners and government officials on the nutritional and biochemical rather than drug treatment of psychiatric disorders (see articles). We use a sophisticated protocol of scientific questionaires, batteries of blood, urine, hair, stool and sweat analyses and implements the best drug-free treatments like vitamin injections and psychoactive food supplements to neutralize the causes of your illness (see laboratories we use).

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